SWEAT some calories - HIIT, TRX & Cardio training

HIIT & Circuit training improve your stamina and strength. During the workout, you will combine short bursts of intense exercises with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercises. This will increase your stamina as well as improve your strength & burn more calories without reducing your muscle mass. This is the perfect training to associate with Pilates.

HIIT :  series of intense exercises (>80 % of your max) with short rest periods

Circuit Training : series of exercises that target different muscle groups (50/60 % de son max) with short to no rests

TRX: Reinforce your body thanks to the TRX suspension, you will target different muscles group only with weight-bearing exercises – perfect for all levels

HIIT & Cardio Training

A session last 50 min, with ~8 min warm up, 35 min workout, ~ 8min rest and stretching.