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Group Classes Pilates Reformer

Build your body - Pilates Reformer

Pilates has numerous advantages: reinforce your core muscles, tone your body, improve your posture, reduce back pain…
The added value of the Reformer workout are
KYSKO offers Pilates Reformer group classes of 8 persons as well as Private classes (MAT, Reformer, Wunda Chair)

Classes last 50min    –    25min for the express class during lunch time

Discover our group classes 

1. Newbie

The best class if you are new to the reformer and want to discover it

2. Flow

An intermediate class for people who are familiar with the reformer and want to challenge themselves further

3. Intense

A class for the Reformer addicted, get ready to sweat & be challenged

4. Express

25min class so you can exercise even on a tight schedule (Lower & Core or Upper & Core focus). It is possible to do 2 classes in a row if you have time


A softer class aimed for people getting back to exercise, seniors or if you need functional rehabilitation


A TRX class to reinforce the core muscle differently


ELDOA are very precise postural exercises with the primary goal to create space between two chosen vertebrae of the spine. Simply put, it normalizes the posture and relieves pain by decompressing the spine

Pre-natal / Mummy & Baby

A class for pregnant women or new mums to stay active and fit during the pregnancy. Baby is welcome during the class

For all our reformer classes, anti-grip socks are mandatory
You can borrow some at the studio for your first class, we also sell them